Honeymoon Officially Booked!

10:50:00 PM

Two nights ago there was an amazing deal happening on Rue La La, a online shopping experience with daily deals from boutiques and resorts around the world. The deal was either a 3 night or 5 night stay in the penthouse suite of the Marival All Inclusive Resort and Suites in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the 3 night being only $999. So after long debates and weighing out the pros and cons we decided to go for it. Take a risk and just book it. We purchased 2 of the 3 night packages and that was it! We are now going to be staying in the two bedroom penthouse suite for 6 nights, all inclusive, plus free excursions and our own private pool on our balcony. It was really tough to make the decision, because I wasn't really set on having a honeymoon in Mexico, but the hotel looked spectacular and it was an amazing deal, plus the airfare was affordable as well, which really sealed the deal.

Yes, this is our own private pool on our balcony...so excited!!!

What will be included in our package? 
  • All meals served a la carte or gourmet specialties for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • National and PREMIUM brand drinks
  • FREE UNLIMITED Select Tours
  • UNLIMITED Golf Green Fees
  • $2,500 USD WEDDING package INCLUDED
  • FREE tennis clinic
  • FREE nanny services (maximum 8 hours/5-night minimum stay required)
  • 24-hour room service
  • Honeymoon and anniversary bonus
  • Exclusive VIP beach club
  • Unlimited/No reservations for a la specialty restaurants (3 on-site plus 6 at nearby Marival Resort & Suites)
  • Complimentary water, soft drinks and beer in fridge
  • Complimentary courtesy room for early arrivals and/or late check-outs (subject to availability)
  • Unlimited use of the services and facilities at our sister resort, Marival Resort & Suites Nuevo Vallarta
  • Golf cart shuttle service between hotels
  • Oh, and did I mention...FREE UNLIMITED select tours, such as:

It is so nice to have another thing checked off the list and finally be able to answer when people ask us where we are going on our honeymoon. You would not believe how many people ask me daily where we are going, and now I can finally give them a definite answer!

Now I can only hope some other amazing deal doesn't pop up in the next couple of months and we start having second thoughts, because there is no turning back baby! But the more I look at all of the photos and think about what all we are getting for our money, there are really no regrets, I am very happy with our decision and know that we are going to have an amazing time. I just can't wait to take my first vacation with my husband!!!

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  1. you don't know me. but i'm jealous. lol that's so much better than a disney cruise! have fun!

  2. Hey Ashley! I know that we are very blessed to have be going on such an extravagant honeymoon. But just remember that no matter what that you and your husband (crazy right!) got to be together as newlyweds and that's really what is important. I know that no matter where Morgan and I went we would have an awesome time because we would be together. Plus cruises are awesome...free soft serve ice cream all the time! :) Thanks for the comment!


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