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After long discussions and much research, Morgan and I have officially decided to include a dove release in our wedding ceremony. Originally, I saw a picture of a bride holding a dove, about to let it go, and from there my little wheels started turning in my head. I thought, now that would be something that would be really special and really unique. I have never actually seen a dove release at a wedding. So I started researching local companies and the meaning behind the dove release. When I read the beautiful meaning behind what releasing the doves represents, I definitely became more interested.

Generally, the officiant is the one who speaks about the doves at the end of the wedding ceremony. Either just prior to the couple being announced as man and wife, or after, depending on the couple's preference. Legend has it, that if doves are seen on your wedding day that a long and happy life together will be shared, a life together side by side facing all that may come your way together with all the love and good luck possible. 

The Dove is known for mating for life and for centuries have symbolized peace, love, hope, faith, unity, and new beginnings. By releasing these beautiful white birds at the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are symbolizing their love and new beginning. They will release the doves to soar to the skies, representing the beginning of their journey together, pure and without regrets. The doves may change from one direction to another, until they find their bearing; so too, the wedding couple can not be certain of what tomorrow may bring and their path may change many times along the way. The doves will also always find their way home. No matter where they are or where they begin, they will always find their way home...together.

These beautiful white birds are a perfect symbol of everlasting love, and for this reason I became completely infatuated with the idea of releasing doves at our wedding ceremony. If you are getting married and would like more information on releasing doves at your ceremony visit the White Dove Directory to find a professional near you. 

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