New Kicks

8:36:00 AM

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Yesterday, Morgan and I went to Sports Authority looking for a Father's Day present for my dad. We looked high and low and tried to brain storm for something really unique, but practical, when all of a sudden it hit me. We were walking around the water sports section when we came across the kayaks, I remembered that the kayak paddles that they have right now were kind of falling apart, in that whenever you used them your hands would turn black from the paint coming off. So, we decided to go in together and get my dad a really nice new set of kayak paddles.

Well, while we were there, Morgan and I of course ended up wandering into the shoe section, where I found myself the most awesome pair of new kicks that I am so proud to be sporting.

Yes, that is right people, I am the proud new owner of the most obnoxious tennis shoes on the planet, and loving it! There is no way you won't be able to spot me out in a crowd if I'm wearing these puppies. Now I am ready to rock and roll and dive feet first into my workout routines. I can't wait to measure myself at the 10 day mark and see my progress J

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