A Night on the Town :: Amaya's Birthday

7:49:00 AM

Last night was one of my best friends in the entire world, Amaya's, birthday, so of course we had to go out to celebrate! After eating dinner with a big group of girls we headed to a bar downtown called Bishop's. Amaya (Uh-My-Uh) is one of those people that really doesn't drink that much so it was so much fun to see her throwin' them back and having a good time.

All dolled up

Me, Amaya (black shirt), and Britton

Amaya taking her first shot of the night. Starting things out right baby!

Random, but one of my absolute favorite photos from the night. Timing just caught this photo as they were taking a photo, turned out so cool!

The four Musketeers right here! Best Friends Forever!

Me with the birthday girl

It is always so nice to hang out with the girls. Even though Morgan and some other people came and met us out after dinner, it was a great night filled with great people. Only complaint was that I reeked of smoke when I came home, I guess today is laundry day ;)

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