Our Italian Engagement Recap :: Grand Finale

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The last leg of our trip in Europe brought us to Cinque Terre and then into Brissago, Switzerland where my dad owned a property up on the mountainside. Although, it was a super cute property, owning a house in another country, especially when you don't know the main language of that country, is extremely difficult. More on that later...let's start in the first city we came to in Cinque Terre, Vernazza.

That's right people, double decker trains! Was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. J

This was the amazing view that we had from our train! Oh, how I loved my time here.

First stop, Vernazza. The gorgeous view from the bedroom at our hotel, which was really just an extra bedroom in an older Italian couples home which they would rent out for the night. It was pretty amazing.

Vernazza is one of the five cities which is situated actually down along the water. Most of the other cities part of the Cinque Terre are situated on the mountainside and you have to walk down to the water.

Hiking is one of the most popular things to do in this part of Italy, with miles of walking trails connecting the five cities. Not a bad view to look at while hiking, huh?

The next stop along the way was Corniglia, where we stayed for our last two nights in Italy. Yet, we only stayed over night in two of the cities, we definitely spent a lot of time exploring the others. Every part of Italy is so amazing and so unique, each little town is filled with surprises and wonder to discover. I am definitely planning a return trip, SOON!

The view from our hotel room!

Along one of the walking trails, connecting the towns of Riomaggiore and Manarola, there is a road called the via dell'amore "Pathway of Love". It is one of the most popular places to see while visiting this part of the country. Learn more!

All of the locks are from couples that have all traveled down this path in the past. You are supposed to lock the lock and throw away the key to represent your never ending love for one another, and that you will always be together. I am such a sap.

Beaches in Italy are just a bit different than the ones back here in Florida. Case and point, sand is substituted for pebbles, not exactly the most comfortable to lie on for hours, but the view is oh so PERFECT!

If you are planning a trip to Italy soon, you HAVE to visit Cinque Terre. I promise you that you will not be disappointed, in fact you may just never want to leave. It is the perfect setting for relaxation or for the sporty ones who want to just get outside and tackle the mountainside. Whatever your pleasure, it was definitely one of the most beautiful places that I have yet to see or visit in my entire life! 

And if you are looking for great places to eat or stay, please e-mail me, I would love to give you some Italy travel advise and/or suggestions. No matter what, I tell you, if you go anywhere in Italy and have a passion for good food and beautiful culture you will be happy, because that is what Italy is all about! YUM!


After a brief train ride back to Milan, we picked up our bags and headed to the airport where we rented a car for the next 10 days which we would spend in my parents' old place in Brissago, on the beautiful Lake Maggiore. We of course stopped before we crossed the border and stocked up on a plethora of groceries for the week, since things in Switzerland are WAY more expensive than Italy.

A look at our humble abode waiting for us in Switzerland...besides the fact that we had the incorrect lock box code and had to smash it open to get it...other than that, smooth sailing.

The balcony : Just look at that amazing view!

It was a little too chilly to use the pool

I loved having this view at every meal!

On one of our last days of the trip we traveled to the Brissago Island in the center of Lago Maggiore. We wandered around the island which was full of exotic flowers and plants from around the world, ate some lunch and then headed off on the ferry back towards the mainland.

Our last night in Switzerland before heading back to the states. 

Our trip to Italy and Switzerland was the absolute most amazing experience of my life and although we hit quite a few bumps along the road, it just made it so much more memorable and brought Morgan and I even closer. He is my best friend and I feel so blessed that we were able to go on this adventure together.

That's it for our Italian Engagement and Vacation Recap. Tomorrow, back to more wedding stuff! I have some exciting plans for tomorrow J

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