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Are you interested in buying amazing name brands at private person prices? Who isn't! Rue La La is one of the most amazing sites that I have found in a long time, offering it's members special limited time discounted prices on super designer brands and even vacation packages. You will be blown away by the deals you see!

Now members are by invite only, so today I want to extent an invitation to everyone, because I just can't keep this to myself. Here is your INVITATION to come join and start saving on all of the things that you love. My most recent purchase (besides our honeymoon) was a Swiss Legend watch for Morgan as my wedding present for him. To recap, during our time in Italy we kept seeing signs for this super chic, black on black watch. Now Morgan isn't really a watch person, but he was taken aback by this watch and mentioned several times how awesome it was and that that would be a watch he would actually wear. At that moment I knew I had to find him that watch, and yesterday while browsing through Rue La La's daily deals, Swiss Legend had, if it is not the same one, it is pretty darn similar, the watch that Morgan liked, and I couldn't pass up the offer.

Originally a $895.00 watch, I got for $130!!! Now you seriously cannot beat that, I don't care who you are. 

Feast your eyes on this beaut.

Mentioned in an earlier post, this is actually the site where Morgan and I found our amazing honeymoon, and there are always new deals coming and going every single day, so there is definitely something for everyone. Skeptical? Don't Be! Just give it a try and see just how much money you could be saving.

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