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Saturday afternoon my sister, Morgan's sister, Morgan and myself headed to the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL for a little adventure. It was absolutely amazing to see a ton of big cats up close and personal. On this list of cats we saw were: lions, tigers, a white tiger, panthers, cougars, bob cat, mountain lion,

One of the first cats we came to reminded me of my own cat, Puma...

See the similarity???

Apparently cougars love cinnamon, it is their cat nip :-)

A white tiger, apparently getting a white tiger is very rare in the wild, so of course when man found one they wanted to breed more. The result, you only get one white tiger out of maybe 30 tigers and to get a white tiger you must interbreed mothers and sons or fathers and very few are perfect. This one here has a cleft lip as a result of its genes. :-(

This lion and the white tiger grew up in someone's basement together, so they are still kept together today!

 Pause for a photo op!

This is called a bearcat, although it is supposed to look like a mix between a cat and a bear, to me it looks more like a mix between a sloth and a cat. :-)

All in all, it was a fantastic day. It is absolutely great what this rescue does, I wish I lived closer so that I could volunteer there or something :-)

Basically what they do is take in big cats that people have previously had as pets and abandoned, or don't want anymore, etc. Some of the background stories you hear of the cats are truly tragic, so it is great to see them here with lots of space, outdoors with trees and grass and they get real meat for food.

Even if it is not illegal to own a big cat where you live, you really should consider the power behind these amazing creatures. They are just like any other cat really that wants to play and hunt, but with a lot bigger claws and fangs. Be careful, no matter whether you have raised it since birth or not, they are still wild animals by nature and once they reach maturity, it is likely that something will get in their path and not survive, including you.

Well, now that I have said my piece, I will step off my soapbox. :-) Have a great Sunday everyone!

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