Fourth of July Fun

10:27:00 PM

Happy Fourth of July to everyone here in the United States celebrating the independence of our country. It is easy to take advantage of freedom when you have never known anything else, so take the time today to really think and appreciate our freedom and the opportunities that you have here in the United States that you may not have had anywhere else in the world.

Today consisted of hanging out with friends on the beach soaking up some rays during the day and then just relaxing with my hubby-to-be watching fireworks all night. I am definitely the luckiest woman in the world to have such an amazing man by my side every single day. J

My main squeeze chillaxin' on the beach!
 Bestest Friends FOREVER!!

"We're goin' down!"

The boys

The girls

The view from Morgan's apartment was perfect for seeing the Treasure Island firework display

Even Kono was enjoying the fireworks J

My favorite ones...I call them weeping willows

Our little family J

Grand finale! 

I hope that everyone had a great, fun and safe holiday weekend! Back to the grind tomorrow.

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  1. Looks like a great time...I am jealous of your beach fun! :-)


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