Graduate School Here We Come

9:42:00 AM

This morning I was greeted with a most exciting e-mail from the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg inviting me to orientation for new students...meaning I am officially accepted into their MBA program for the Fall semester!

My fiance and I have planned to attend the program together, so that our first couple of years of marriage aren't spent living two separate lives. This way, the times that we are both not working, we can spend time together in class, as well as studying. I know, not that exciting, but it is much better than spending the time apart.

Man will this be a busy year when everything is said and done...take a look at all of the milestones we will have passed by October:
  • My Undergraduate Graduation from the Univeristy of Florida - April
  • My first big girl job (Bookkeeper at Pasadena Community Church in St. Pete, FL) - May
  • My Sister's Graduation from High School - June
  • Morgan's Undergraduate Graduation from the University of Florida - August
  • Start Grad School - August
  • OUR WEDDING! - October
Talk about a crazy busy year for us. But everything has been good, next up on the list is Morgan's graduation, starting grad school, and then of course our wedding! The most exciting of them all!

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  1. I think it is sooo romantic that both of you are going to the same program...*sigh* study dates are soooo cute!


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