House Hunting :: Attempt 1, Part 1

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Happy Monday morning everyone. I hope that you all had a pleasant weekend. Mine was busy busy busy with looking at houses. All day Saturday my dad, Morgan and I looked all around town at houses for sale. There are two prospective houses so far, one is a beautiful 3/2 completely renovated, just not in the greatest location, and the other is a 3/2 HUD home (definitely a fixer upper) but in the cutest neighborhood. We are going to keep looking and hopefully find something that has qualities of both of these houses, with just a little lower price tag. Here are our finds:

This was the renovated 3 bedroom/2 bathroom that I completely love. Not in the greatest location, which is kind-of a deal breaker, but it is just so cute I had to share.

I loved the large window in the kitchen, perfect place for a little breakfast table
 Super cute kitchen, nice and clean

View of the front entrance from the living room

Guest bathroom

Bedroom #1

 Bedroom #2

 View of the living room from the front: I love the high ceilings! It makes the house look a lot bigger than it is
Master bedroom

Walk in closet, YES PLEASE!

Master bathroom

Well, Hello!

Master bedroom

2 car garage...AWESOME!
This house definitely was super cute and nice, if we could only pick it up and bring it to another neighborhood, then it would be perfect!
More to come...

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  1. Yes neighborhoods are the most important thing on the buying house list! :-) Good luck!


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