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Deciding on our wedding cake may have been one of the hardest decisions to date. We had originally wanted to have our cake designed like the Roman Colosseum, but after much discussion about price, design, and taste, we ultimately decided to go with a more traditional wedding cake, with of course a little Italian flair.

After looking through hundreds of pictures of wedding cakes, I was more confused than when I started. There are just so many beautiful options along with so many different styles. Did we want the cake to be fun, romantic, unique...all of the above? So many choices was leaving my head spinning. So I decided to stop looking at wedding cakes and start remembering all of the unique aspects of Italy that I loved and how I could incorporate that into a wedding cake. Ding! The light bulb went off...

Gates! If you have ever taken the time to look at Italian or just old European gates, there is some very unique and intricate work that goes into them. So I decided to start looking through pictures of Italian gates and from there our wedding cake was born.

This is the gate that we used as our inspiration:

Our cake guru, Ron, with Cakes by Ron in Sarasota, FL drew out a picture of what our cake would ultimately look like with the inspiration of the this beautiful gate.

Our design...there will be a monogram "E" (for Ellis) piped into the center, but blended in with the detail.

This is my inspiration for how the cake will look, white buttercream outside and buttercream detail, dusted with some gold to give it an antique look.
Picture found in "the knot" magazine

My mom and I went to the tasting where we decided on two flavors which I am so excited about. Our cake will be four tiers, with the bottom layer being one flavor and the top three being the second flavor (making an even distribution of the flavors). The two flavors that we chose were an orange blossom cake with a cream cheese filling...OMG my absolute favorite! And an amaretto cake with a mocha cream filling, also absolutely delish.

I am so excited about our cake I can't even contain myself. At first I was a little disappointed that we couldn't afford the Colosseum cake, but as Ron explain to my mom and I, that a traditional wedding cake will be something that we will love forever when we look back on pictures. And not so crazy and unique that when we look back in 20 years we wonder what we were thinking having a cake like that at our wedding. Saying this really comforted me in our decision to go with a more traditional cake, that still has a unique Italian touch, perfect for our wedding theme.

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