Linen Crisis

3:37:00 PM

The other day I was looking through different linens online to decide on what we would like for the wedding. Holy Moly! I never thought there could even be so many different types to choose from, and so of course I started to feel a little overwhelmed. Once I got into the groove, I did find a few combos that I just loved. Each were very classy, yet unique, and definitely brought that taste of Italy that I am trying to tie into everything.
Here are some of my favorite choices:

A Blue Gold Italian Stripe Damask Table linen with Royal Crushed Shimmer napkins

An Antique Gold Crinkle Taffeta table linen with Royal Crushed Shimmer Napkins

Champagne Elastic Taffeta, this would be so cute for a cake table or for the place card table (doesn't really match anything else though...hmmm)
All of the linens featured in today's post are from Cloth Connection. The only problem I seem to have run into was that I talked to the Florida sales rep a couple of weeks ago now and she was going to have some samples and prices sent to me, but I have yet to hear from her and when I called her the other day she said she had to put in a request to corporate to have the samples sent to me. What is the issue? Time! We really  need to make a decision soon, and I don't even know when these are going to show up at my house and whether or not we can really afford them.

I might just have to kiss these linen choices goodbye for now L But I think I will be scheduling a time to go into US Tent in the next week or so (since they have warehouses here in the Tampa Bay area) and will probably just go with whatever they have...sometimes you just have to get things done. Plus I have looked at their selection, and they have some really beautiful linens as well, so not all is lost.

Question of the Day:
Did you rent special linens for your wedding, or use what they had at the venue? Any fun colors, or traditional whites?

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  1. You should check out Connie Duglin. They have a showroom in Oldsmar so you can look at everything in person and there's a really helpful girl there to answer any questions. She can also provide you with swatches that you like so you can take them home right away.

  2. Crysta- That is such a great idea. Thank you! I will definitely have to check it out.


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