Metamorphosis :: Day 21

7:08:00 PM

Today was day 21 on my Metamorphosis journey with Tracy Anderson. I have been working my butt off and am starting to see some really great results! Here are my day 20 measurements:

Day 20 measurements:
Bust: 31
Arm: 10"
Waist: 25"
Hips: 31"
Thigh: 18.5"
Weight: 120.2 lbs

That's right people, down 5 pounds in 20 days! I am gonna be so ready to rock my bikini for our honeymoon. Which I just bought a super cute new one...splurged a bit, but was totally worth it. I just have to promise myself not to buy another bathing suit for like 3 years 

Here it is! On a model of course...

I found it at Nordstrom the other day while shopping with my mom and sister for a mother of the bride's dress for my mom. This ViX Swimear bikini was just absolutely too cute to pass up, and I do have a little problem with buying bathing suits...and shoes...and just clothes in general. Give me a break, I am a woman after all. So it was a little present from myself and from my mom since we split the cost of it. She had originally wanted to buy it for me until after she realized the price, well, was per piece not for the whole suit. So I decided to throw in the other half so I could look fabulous on my honeymoon. J

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