That's Amore! An Italian Bridal Shower

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Happy Monday to everyone! This past weekend was so crazy busy, but so much fun. Yesterday was my  very first wedding shower, thrown by my Aunt Sheila and her two daughters, my cousins, Madison and Brett. It was absolutely perfect in every way and I couldn't have asked for anything more. It was a perfect afternoon that joined together all of the important women in my life, friends and family alike.

Sticking with the Italian theme, the theme for the day's affairs was, "That's Amore!" The food was fantastic and the atmosphere was just warm and inviting. Everyone got along beautifully and I was excited to show off all of my gorgeous bridesmaids to the whole family.

The shower took place at a local Italian restaurant, Primi Urban Cafe...absolutely fantastic, I will definitely be back!

The really yummy canoli cake!! Oh so good :)
We of course had to play some fun little games, including a mingling game, to get the party started, and introduce everyone to one another. After that we went around the tables, and each person said how they knew either me or boy Morgan and the roll they have played in our lives. When it got to my best friend and Maid of Honor, Brittany, the waterworks came out. I swear, between her and myself we are just a basket case waiting to happen. Happy tears of course...I just love all of my family and friends so much!

Next we played a game to see how well everyone knew me. And last but not least the Engagement Game, which consisted of the most ridiculous and obnoxious questions for me to answer about my fiance, Morgan. I actually do know his very well, but seeing as the questions were open answer, there was no way that I was able to get some of them. Plus some of his answers were pretty tricky! But I got a solid 8 out of 15...pretty good considering.

After that was presents, and might I add, a LOT of them. It was so touching to receive all of these beautiful gifts from everyone that we love the most. Some from our registry and others not, but we are still so grateful for everything.

My Maid of Honor and I

The cousins :)

At the end of the night, we took home the haul, and I invited Morgan over to check it out. He was so surprised to see what everyone had got us.

I Spy...with my little eye...

The next hour or so was spent downsizing everything from all of the gift bags and boxes, into some more bigger boxes that we were able to condense and fit underneath my parents' pool table. I seriously don't know what we are going to do with all of this stuff until we find a place...

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  1. I looove games! I hope I have games at mine. Looks like you had a great time!!


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