Wedding Meeting

12:30:00 AM

Tonight after sharing a super scrum-diddly-umptious dinner with my family, my mom, dad, Morgan and I sat down for a few hours to discuss finalizing our guest list for the wedding and to go over our budget. As of tonight we will be inviting a total of 232 guests, going in knowing that approximately 34 individuals will probably not come and hopefully at a max of 180 will actually be our final head count. Whew! That is a lot of people.
When Morgan and I first started talking about our wedding over a year ago, we really pictured something smaller and more intimate, a perfect blend of close friends and family. But because my parents are paying for most of the wedding (and I'm not complaining), they felt that they should really be able to invite whomever they want. So it is no surprise that our guest list has blown up out of proportion with people that I don't even know. Good thing our venue is maxed out at 250 (which I have been telling my parents 200 so they won't invite anyone else) so our guest list wouldn't grow anymore than it already has. 

On an better note, we are on budget!...for now, as long as the actual number of guests attending doesn't go over 175. But I will have to kiss my hopes of having a wedding videographer goodbye, seeing as we have no more room in the budget. I might just have to wait until closer to the day and see if it is something that I might want to pay for myself. It is definitely something I would want if I could find the money. But tonight's meeting was very successful and now I can get to finishing all of our invites!

Next on my wedding to-do list: Out of Town Guest Baskets/Bags and Linens!!

I guess the question of the night is, how many people are on your wedding guest list? Did you start out envisioning your wedding one way and end up going a completely different direction?

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