House Hunting :: Attempt 2

9:15:00 AM

Yesterday after work Morgan and I decided to go look at the rest of the houses on our list. The first couple weren't bad, but when we got to the third house it was absolutely perfect in every way. The other day, before we even started looking at all the houses, Morgan and I came up with a list of criteria that we wanted in our new home and listed them in order of importance. This is what we came up with:

  1. Area/Neighborhood
  2. Price
  3. Sq Ft 1000+
  4. Large Kitchen
  5. Open Layout/Can Be
  6. Fire Place (Morgan) 
  7. 3/2+ (Captain)
  8. Block vs Wood
  9. Good Size Back Yard
  10. Large Master Bathroom and Closet
Going in we already realized that we probably wouldn't find a house that met all of our criteria, but as long as it met the most important ones or at least some of the top criteria, we would be happy. Well, the house that we found yesterday met almost all of our criteria, with the exception that it isn't in the best of neighborhoods, but by no means a bad neighborhood. But other than that, basically met every single crazy thing we wanted:

As you can see it needs a little work, but that is okay, just add some nice landscaping here in the front and it will give the whole house a fresh new look!

Front entrance, family room, dining room, and kitchen

Big kitchen!

The fireplace, that was definitely top on my list!!

I think this is supposed to be the living room because it is right off the kitchen

Wall in the living room, Morgan and i discussed the possibility of knocking it down to open up the space and combine it with the main area of the house

Bedroom #1 : Would make a perfect office

Guest bathroom

Bedroom #2 : Guest room overlooking the pool J
Master bedroom

Master bathroom: Jacuzzi tub + shower + exit to the pool = LOVE!

Oh, and did I forget to mention the HUGE closet!!! Yes Please J

Pool, needs a little work of course, but it would definitely be nice to have a pool to relax by since we do live in Florida.

The rest of the backyard that wraps around the house, again some nice landscaping would make this area beautiful.

As you can see we left all smiles after this house

So going back through our criteria, lets check off what this house has that we want:
  1. Area/Neighborhood ü  
  2. Price ü 
  3. Sq Ft 1000+ ü 
  4. Large Kitchen ü 
  5. Open Layout/Can Be ü 
  6. Fire Place (Morgan) 3/2+ (Captain) ü 
  7. Block vs Wood
  8. Good Size Back Yard ü 
  9. Large Master Bathroom and Closet ü 
That is 8 out of 9, I don't think we could beat that!

Now, we know that it will take a lot of work to fix this place up, but that is half the fun. If we can buy it for super cheap, put $20-30 thousand into it, this could be adream first home! The house is actually part of an auction this Saturday, so now we really have to figure some things out and decide what we want, because bidding starts at only $19,000. This house could be ours by the end of Saturday and that just makes me smile from ear to ear. J

We will just have to see how inspection goes and ultimately the auction!

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  1. Good luck...the pool is nice...Fixing it will be a lot of work but that is how you make your home..yours..:-)


    Thanks! We are excited to take something and make it new again, giving it our personal touches.

  3. The house is so cute and has so much potential. I can picture you and Morgan living there...happily ever after! Good luck at the auction.


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