House Hunting :: Attempt No. 3

7:44:00 AM

Yesterday afternoon Morgan and I decided to drive around and look at some more houses. To our surprise we actually didn't come up completely empty handed and came across one house that we are definitely keeping in mind.

The house was super cute and in a really cute neighborhood (finally!). Although small and only a 2 bedroom/1 bath, it was actually quite charming and the big back yard would be great for Kono. Plus it had a garage, which is definitely a plus. Everything about this house was cozy and I could definitely see ourselves living in this house and making it into a home.

Front entrance and living room

Pretty decent size kitchen, very open which makes the space feel larger

Dining room area

Backyard! Love the vines on the fence actually

Later this afternoon Morgan and I plan to go look at a couple more on the other side of town, so I will keep you posted if anything good comes on to the radar J

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