The House is a No Go

6:54:00 AM

So after much research, Morgan and I will have to pass on our recent house that we loved. But I must say everything happens for a reason, and there is no way that Morgan and I want to live in an area contaminated by dangerous chemicals that could cause cancer, other diseases and even cause our babies to have deformities. I don't think so!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. taking a tour of an affected neighborhood, September 2008
Apparently Raytheon, an aerospace systems company in St. Petersburg, FL dumped hundreds of thousands of gallons of toxic waste into the ground for years, before reports came forward informing the community that the pollutants were now affecting the surrounding neighborhood. Not only has this contamination decreased land values in that area, but it has also started to show up in private irrigation systems and the chemicals have been linked to very serious health problems. This was definitely reason enough for Morgan and I to turn our heads on this house that we loved so much. Some things are just not worth it, one of those being your health or the health of your family.

So we press on to the next house, I'll be keeping you posted.

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  1. OMG smart move!!! That is horrible! you will find something better..:-)


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