Invitations :: Sent

6:15:00 AM

Yesterday afternoon we officially sent off the invitations. I am so excited and seriously can't believe how fast this past year has gone by. There's not much left now on the to-do list now, just tying up some loose ends and a couple of other projects:

  • Organize and print programs
  • Decide on ceremony music (pretty much done)
  • Finish gifts for bridesmaids and parents 
  • Reserve all wedding day transportation
  • Book the flights for our honeymoon
  • Make the escort card board -- This is going to be so much fun!
  • Continue dance lessons (and practice!)
  • Finish picking out accessories, i.e. earrings, bracelet, etc.
  • Make seating chart -- oh boy..
  • Confirm all vendors and make final payments
Considering how much had to be done from the beginning, this list does not stress me out at all. I actually feel like now we can really start counting down now until the wedding...only 59 days left!

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