Putting in an Offer

9:51:00 PM

This evening Morgan and I went back to the house we saw yesterday and were able to get inside and take a look around and it was absolutely FABULOUS!! I am so excited that we found another house that meets so many of our crazy requirements and is in a great neighborhood central to everywhere.

The house is a 3/1.5 with a separate 1/1 garage apartment (which we could either use or rent out) with so much potential to be an awesome little starter home. Check it out!

Street view

Living room, with a fireplace which you know makes me happy J

Formal dining room


Other view of the kitchen: Super cute bar area with built in wine rack...hey!

Half bath

Guest bedroom

Master bathroom

Back yard...and that's not all

More of the yard + a lime orange tree. My mom went back to the house and decided to cut one of these open...not limes, but oranges! Even better J

Limes Oranges in bloom, yummy

As you can see this house has some major potential and doesn't need nearly as much work as the previous house we looked at. I don't know how else we would find a house like this for a better price. Morgan and I even had my parents drive over to the house to check it out while we were there, and they also like it, which made me happy.

Tomorrow we are making it official and putting in an offer! I am so so excited and really hope that everything works out. Morgan and I could very well, soon be brand new home owners....eeeek!

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