Sunday in Sarasota

8:40:00 AM

Yesterday was super crazy busy. Started out with church in the morning, which I have just joined the Praise Band, so I had to be there at 7:45 a.m., then Morgan and I went around and looked at houses for a few hours, then off to Sarasota with the rents to find a place to do a little morning after brunch/lunch thing with all of the guests who stay in Sarasota, and to check out the hotel one more time where we will be staying the night before and of the wedding.

Morgan and I actually did find a couple of contenders when house searching, but our favorite is still what Morgan and my dad call the "Swiss Family Robinson house"

With the awesome trees in the backyard where Morgan and I would definitely put some sort of tree deck/house :-)

We have an appointment later tonight to look through one of the ones we saw yesterday. So I will definitely let you know how that goes.

Now off to Sarasota, where we stopped at a couple of cute local places hoping to find somewhere that would be able to accommodate 40-50 people the day after the wedding. We ended up loving Marina Jack's, where we had originally wanted to do the rehearsal dinner, but it was going to be too expensive. But since this is for lunch and we didn't mention the word wedding when asking, way more affordable. Note to self, if trying to get a good deal on something, don't mention that it is for a wedding, because it seems that anything in this industry is just inflated 100-200%.

After business was taken care of, we made the best of our little day trip to Sarasota and decided to have a little fun.

Kind-of looks like my dad is strangling my mom in this one...

Much better.

Behind our hotel, where apparently my dad is planning a strength workout the morning of the wedding for all the guys,they're crazy! My mom and I were thinking maybe yoga for the girls :-)

It was a beautiful afternoon spent with some of the people I love the most.

What a beautiful end to a great Sunday! I am so blessed with such an amazing family and of course an amazing husband-to-be. This wedding is definitely going to be the most fun ever! Stay tuned to learn more as we get into crunch time here with the wedding. Only 80 days now....eeeege!

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  1. Your parents are so cute! Wow that is one big statue...there is one like that one but of Marilyn Monroe in Chicago.


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