A Wedding Weekend

10:40:00 AM

Happy Friday all! Today is a jam packed day full of wedding stuff...for me anyways. This weekend I am finishing addressing and stuffing all of the invitations so that they can be sent out on Monday or Tuesday of next week. I can hardly believe that the wedding is this close now, it is all starting to come together and all of the details and work put in from the last year has really paid off. I am so excited to see how everything will come together, but more importantly I am so excited to finally marry the man of my dreams.

I have been working on these invitations now for probably over 5 months, so it is going to be an amazing feeling to finally check this off my list!

Almost ready to go..just one more thing...

A wax seal for a finishing touch

Our wax seal is Morgan's (The Ellis) family crest. We loved the idea of using it to symbolize not only his family, but me becoming a part of it.

I am also hoping to fit in a few more wedding projects this weekend since Morgan will be out of town on a men's retreat. Yes, while he is off having lots of fun in the woods somewhere, I will be slaving away here making sure our wedding is perfect. But that's okay, because he definitely needs a little vaca!

Some of the other items I hope to get to this weekend include, start putting together the escort card board (this is a HUGE task, so I don't expect to finish) and finish making the flower petal cups. This is definitely enough to keep me busy for the entire weekend, plus some. Have a fabulous weekend everyone :-)

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