Bachelorette Weekend Recap :: Part Two

9:14:00 PM

Alright, so now for a little bit more excitement from the Bachelorette Weekend. I was given a list of things that I had to do throughout the weekend while we were out, consisting of:

  1. Get a lap dance from a stranger
  2. Take a blow job shot
  3. Dance on a bar
  4. Get a guy to serenade you
  5. Chug your drink with a stranger
  6. Take a picture with a police officer
  7. Have a guy buy you and your girls a round of drinks
  8. Have a guy talk to you in a foreign language
  9. Find the oldest guy in the bar and ask him to dance
  10. Rub a bald guy's head
There was a list of 23 things and I actually finished 21 of them....just forgot to take a picture in the men's restroom (man an easy one too) and I didn't find a penny from my birth year...which actually I ended up finding one the next day at work, go figure!

Let the shenanigans begin...

Picture with a cop

Getting serenaded sitting on a piano at Howl at the Moon. Pretty awesome actually. J

Dancing with an older guy in the bar 

Lap dance...I was a little embarrassed, can you tell?

Chugging my drink with a stranger

Dancing on a stage...close enough to a bar right? 

Rubbing a bald man's head...what a good sport!

He spoke to me in a "foreign" language...Australian, also known as, ENGLISH!! hahahahaha

It was a pretty awesome weekend, as you can tell, and there was so much more that I could share. But let's face it there are just some things that happen at a Bachelorette party that need to stay there. J Thank you again to all of my wonderful friends for making this the weekend of a lifetime! 

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  1. hahahahah These pictures are hilarious!!! Scrapbook material for sure!

  2. LOL, the pic of you rubbing that bald-headed dude's head is HILARIOUS!!!!

  3. LOL, the pic of you rubbing that bald-headed dude's head is HILARIOUS!!!!


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