New Home Owners...To-Be

7:57:00 AM

Exciting news everybody!!! Yesterday late afternoon I got a call from the mortgage broker saying that everything looked great and that I had been approved for the mortgage! And earlier yesterday morning Morgan and I found out that our offer on the house had been accepted!! So we are planning to close on the house November 19, and we couldn't be happier! In the meantime, once we get married, we will stay at his apartment. But we both are just too excited for words in the fact that we found and actually get to live in the perfect starter home.

Our new home!!! J

It is so hard to believe that we are now not only going to be newlyweds, but also home owners. It really just seems like things are falling into place. I can't wait to start working on the house, giving it some homey touches.

And, I didn't show you my wedding present from Morgan, I know I got it a little early, but it was because I was online, window-shopping, and came across it and was about to buy it for myself, when Morgan said "That is the exact one I got you..." We are just too compatible, and I love it!

Our new, Italian mailbox

I know some of you are wondering why he got me a mailbox as a wedding present. But to me, this is seriously the best present! I already have wedding jewelry and I don't really need anything else. But this gift, is something that a lot of thought went into, because it is just so personal and so perfect for "us." So this little baby will soon be perched outside of our new home! J

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