Ready for a Vacation

6:01:00 AM

After running myself into the ground with work and wedding planning, I can't even tell you how much I am ready for a vacation. But lately I find myself day dreaming about living in a world where there are no responsibilities and where I can just travel the world without having to worry about money and the stuff that so heavily weighs one down.

This morning instead of catching up on my normal blogs and reading e-mails, I found myself searching for homes to rent in the French Riviara.J There is just something about Europe that calls my name, begging me to come explore it's cities and countrysides. Lureing me it's coasts where I would spend my days basking in the sun, sipping on wine and devouring gelato and cappuccinos. Sigh. Well a girl can dream can't she. I'm thinking possibly for Morgan and I's 1 year anniversary!!

I just love It's a site where you can rent homes, condos, apartments from the owners, and it is worldwide. It's a great way to save some money and if you are not wanting to feel so much like a tourist. I could definitely waste away hours finding all of the places that I would want to go and stay.

From today on, I putting it on the books that I need to travel to see the world. What could be a better plan than to see everything that this world has to offer? World watch out...HERE I COME!

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