1 Week Countdown!!

3:16:00 PM

We are officially into the one week day countdown! What?! It is so unbelievable how close we are now, I just really hope everything comes together smoothly. Morgan and I had our last appointment with our reverend Tuesday afternoon to go over our vows (separately) so now we are able to pick up our marriage license!!!

Morgan and I decided to write our own vows from the very beginning. This was definitely one of the most important things to both of us, to be able to share our true feelings to each other, and to make the ceremony a bit more personal. I was a little nervous just reading my vows to the reverend, so I can only image what a wreck I am going to be on our wedding day, especially since I say mine after him...I am going to be a complete basket case I just know it.

So while I was writing my vows (for the past year and a half) I thought I would share some advice that I read as well as learned on my own about how to make your vows extra special. Let's face it, for some people being all mushy gooshy, lovey dovey, is just not that easy. So here are some ways to fight the writers block when you are working on your vows:

  1. Start by writing down the things that you most love about your future spouse. Having a list will help you gather your thoughts.
  2. Be personal. Think about memories that you have shared together and ask yourself what is the thing you love the MOST about your fiance?
  3. When you were younger, did you dream of your wedding day and the person you were going to marry? How does this vision match up with your sweetheart?
  4. Take time to read through some other wedding vows along with poems and scripture to get ideas as to what you might want to incorporate into your own vows.
  5. Putting it all together: Go back through everything you have written down and highlighted and take pieces from each. Try to make them as much of you as possible, I mean it is supposed to be YOUR vows to your future spouse.
My wedding vows, which I made all cute on some colored card stock paper shot with my engagement ring...good thing Morgan doesn't read my blog!

Just remember that your vows should represent your commitment to one another. Try looking at some of the traditional vows and incorporating some of those into yours as well. It is a great way to tie it all together at the end.

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  1. ahhhhh congrats can't wait to see how it all turned out!!


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