I Love the Way You Hold Me

6:52:00 AM

Thanks to the amazing Caroline and Evan Smith with Caroline and Evan Photography, Morgan and I now have the cutest little love story video that I want to share with you today. After hearing the song "Hold Me" by Christian artist Jamie Grace for the first time, we just could not get the tune out of our heads. Not only is it a super catchy song, but totally reflects the fun, bubbly love that we share together.

Hope you enjoy!

Thank you Caroline and Evan for making this video possible and for giving us this wonderful keepsake that we will treasure forever! You guys are absolutely amazing and we had the greatest time working with you over the past 16 months J

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  1. So adorable! I came here by way of Jamie-Grace--I'm her older sister, Morgan! So cute and the song fits perfectly :)

  2. @mharpernichols

    Awe thank you! That is too funny...I swear, it is such a small world!


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