Christmas Time is Here...

7:07:00 AM

Sometimes the holidays can really just be, well, stressful. Everyone is rushing around like crazy people trying to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones, planning parties, and decorating their homes to spread holiday cheer. But where do we draw the line? When do we stop trying to get into the "Christmas Spirit", and just be in it! Stop trying to rush rush rush and find the perfect present, and start spreading love and cheer to those around us.

This Christmas is especially stressful for yours truely. Not only the normal pressures of the holidays, but the stresses of buying our first home. We were hoping to close this week, but things just keep coming up and prolonging the process. Why do they call it a short sale anyhow? There is nothing short about it!

But none the less, I absolutely love Christmas time. It really is my favorite time of year. With the lights and trees, decorating the house, plus tons and tons of sweet treats, you can't beat that! The only thing I would truely wish for this Christmas is some cooler weather. It is a bit hot hear in the sunshine state, for my liking. It just doesn't feel like Christmastime.

This past weekend, Morgan and I hosted our first holiday party as a married couple. We did a Chinese Gift Exchange between all of our friends and it turned out awesome. We filled our house with the people we love, laughter, and you can't leave out tons and tons of Christmas cookies and sweets. It was a blast!

The welcoming committee :)

My reindeer chow, given as take home favors. Learn how to make this your own, here.


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