Our Wedding :: If Pinterest Were Around

10:17:00 AM

I am a total Pinterest fanatic, and if you haven't gotten on Pinterest yet, you need to do so immediately. You will get some super creative, awesome ideas for just about everything. My only wish is that it had been around when I was planning our wedding. There are probably quite a few ideas I would have borrowed ;)

Here are just a few of the things found on Pinterest that I LOVE:

Vintage suitcase used for cards via pinterest

I wish we had had an exit at our wedding, we were just too busy boogying down! Via Pinterest

A classic look for a wedding exit via Pinterest

Wedding date sewn on inside of dress. I think I would have liked to have a piece of my mother's dress sewn into mine (if she still had it) via Pinterest

Wedding Mad Libs...What a cute idea! Would have loved to have this on the tables...via Pinterest

And of course there is so much more inspiration out there! Interested in other things that I love on Pinterest??

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