Refinishing Our Floors

11:13:00 AM

Our first major home renovation project, after painting every single room and baseboard/trim in the house (seriously I could be a professional painter now), was refinishing the hard wood floors. Our house was build in 1924 and the original wood flooring was just absolutely gorgeous, one of the reasons why we fell in love with the house in the first place. The only thing was that they were a little banged up, obviously from years and years of traffic. So began our adventure refinishing was that a job!

So want to see how all of our hard work paid off??


Morgan, working hard sanding everything down

Cleaned and ready for some polyeurethane !


A side by side look at the difference...

BEFORE                                             AFTER

Doesn't it just look so much brighter! Really makes our house feel bigger and just fresh. We are so excited that this project is over, and that everything turned out as nice as it did. Morgan and I made a pretty good team, I must say J

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