Friday Briday :: Top Wedding Trends in 2012

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I'm sure all you brides-to-be out there have been working diligently planning your wedding down to the very last ribbon tied favor, pinning inspiration on Pinterest and clipping numerous pictures from the pile of wedding magazines you keep next to your side of the bed. So what are some of the most popular trends for weddings this year?

Here are the top 10:

1. Sheer necklines for wedding dresses.

2. Colored wedding shoes.

3. Dessert bars in leui of just the traditional wedding cake.
From Project Wedding

4. Individualized bridesmaid dresses
Found on The You Finder

5.Wedding gowns with a bare back. I absolutely LOVE backless dresses!!
Found on Pinterest

6. Outdoor weddings.
Found on Pinterest

7. Long sleeve and lace dresses. Inspiration from the Royal Wedding!
Found on New York Post

8. Wedding photography has gone more creative by doing post-wedding photos of brides in their wedding gown but with a casual, wild or less formal look.
Found on The Hitching Post

9. Country style and napa style weddings are in!
Found on Dress Heaven

10. Honeymoons are going extravagant. More and more couples are finding themselves bored with a getaway cruise and longing for something more exotic and uncharted (at least those that can afford it).
Bora Bora : I definitely would love to go here some day!

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  1. I see that you took down that page where you stole that wedding postcard design and posted it and used it as your own.....but you didn't take it down fast enough becuase a complaint has already been lodged.....

  2. Sometimes I wished I had an open back dress...I tried a few on....just felt cold...hahaha :-)

    1. That is what I wanted when I was looking for dresses, but I tried on the dress I wore and fell in love before we event got that far...I wish that I had at least tried a couple on. But maybe it was a good thing I didn't, could have left me totally confused. :)


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