Spring Flowers

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Happy Tuesday all! I hope that everyone had a fantastic Easter weekend with friends, family and loved ones. I just love spring time, and one of the things I love the most about Spring is all of the flowers. The hubs and I have been working hard trying to fix up our yard, Saturday was spent raking all day and yesterday we talked with a company about putting down all new sod. I cannot wait to have a backyard full of fresh, green grass!

Here's a look at how our backyard has transformed thus far...after the grass is put in, it is going to look like a totally different place. Can't wait!

 We were able to reuse the sign from our wedding. We plan to repaint it with all of the places we have been together J

 Still in the process of finding a new patio set, but this works for now

My little garden, hoping to slowly fill it with more and more!

So there's my little sneak peak into our back yard. I wish that I had taken some before pictures to show you what a disaster it was before we started.
But I am so excited to show you how it turns out when we are completely finished! 

Have a fabulous week pretties!! 

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