Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

3:24:00 PM

Happy Hump Day everyone! So now that my locks are short, I have been inspired to find some beautiful wedding hairstyles for all of you out there that have short hair. Whoever said you had to have long hair to be able to look gorgeous and sexy on your wedding day was completely crazy. Just take a look at these beauties for yourself.

First of all, Love Jessica Simpson! Second of all how sweet is this hairstyle, and the flower detail is the perfect romantic touch for a bride. Via Fine Hairstyles

Simple, sexy, with a touch of retro. Perfect for the vintage bride. Via Hairstyle Gallery

Again, the flower detail is just perfect. So sweet and so romantic. Love it!
Via Short Hairstyles Gallery

Absolutely smitten over the baby's breath in this look. Via Bridal Hairstyle 2011

If you have short hair and are getting married, have you decided on what you will be doing with your hair? If not, I hope this gives you some ideas.

Already married? Share your hairstyle for more inspiration.

Have a fabulous Wednesday lovlies!

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