A Whole New Me

6:12:00 PM

Happy Monday lovelies! Over the weekend I made a drastic "life" change, in that I changed my look a bit. Get ready for a shocker...

Before {long flowing locks}

After {short and chic bob}

I absolutely love it! It is such a nice change from the ordinary. The last time I had short hair was about 5 years ago when I donated it to Locks of Love. Wish that I could have done that again, but because I have some bleach highlights in my hair, I wasn't able to. I showed off the look for the first time today at work and the reactions were great. One of my coworkers thought it was a wig, but I assure you, it is my real hair, or lack there of.

What do you think? Any one else out there change their look drastically recently?? If so, were the reactions positive?

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