Black and Pink Cupcakes

5:09:00 PM

Fridays are my day off from the office. Usually my Friday day schedule consists of hitting the gym in the morning, then off to clean my parents' house (which is a side job I do for a little extra money) and then I usually spend the rest of the day cleaning our house, doing loads and loads of laundry and possibly throw in a little shopping time. Today I added a little something extra to the schedule. Since yesterday was one of my best friends' birthdays and we are going out tonight to celebrate, I decided to bake her an extra special batch of cupcakes...and I just want to say, these are definitely some of the coolest cupcakes I have ever made...

 Black and Pink vanilla cupcakes YUM!

My favorite one from the, white & pink swirled cake with black vanilla frosting

I have another batch of just black and white ones I plan on using for Father's Day...stay tuned for those!

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