Summer Road Trip :: Part 1

1:17:00 PM

Morgan and I are knee deep into our first ever road trip. Thursday Morgan, myself and his younger brother spent literally the entire day driving from our home in St. Petersburg, FL to his Dad's house in Morgantown, PA. After driving nearly 20 hours and going through 7 states we finally made it safe and sound. The next 10 days will be spent traveling from Pennsylvania to Virginia and down the South East coast of the US. We are hoping to stay at least one night in North or South Carolina and in Savannah, GA.

Sunrise on our way out of St. Pete 

Stop for breakfast in Gainesville, FL at Peach Valley these apple fritters! YUM! 

Saw a hot air balloon flying over us in Georgia. Definitely want to do this!!

Sunset in Virginia...almost to our first destination

Washington Monument at night

View from my Father-in-Law's house in Morgantown, PA

We're everywhere! It's Morgan's way, or No way! ;)

A short, but sweet trip lies ahead! Looking forward to new adventures.

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