26 Weeks :: Name Reveal

12:07:00 PM

I am now 26 weeks pregnant! Nearing the end of the second trimester I am so ready to meet my little boy. Hard to believe that in only 14 weeks (plus or minus some days ;) ) he will be here!

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My husband and I have been thinking about names for a while and if we had had a little girl there would have been no question about her name, but since baby E turned out to be a boy, we had a little harder time figuring out what we wanted to name him.

After narrowing it down to our top 3 we have officially decided on...drum roll please...

Gabriel David Ellis

We really loved the meaning of Gabriel which is "strong man of God" (which is everything that I hope our son will grow up to be). And David, which is my husband's first name. Yes he does go by Morgan (which is his middle name),  but we thought it would be nice to keep his first name in the family; and let's face it 3 Morgans in one household is a little much ;)

Here is a look at our top 3 baby boy names:
  1. Caleb
  2. Mason
  3. Gabriel
How did you come up with your first child's name? Was it a family name? Or just a name that you really liked?

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