Baby Bucket List

6:02:00 PM

So I was going through some old posts today and came across a list of things I wanted to do before we added a little one to our family. You may recall my Baby Fever post from back in February of 2012.

So back in February all that was knocked off the list was skydiving. And as of today I have 3 out of the 5 items complete (not too shabby!!)

Things to do before kids:

  1. Go on a cruise with my husband
  2. Go skydiving
  3. Fly First Class
  4. Go to Vegas
  5. Take a road trip

Although I have not yet gotten to fly first class or go to Vegas, I know that both of those things will remain on my bucket list (which is filled with a LOT of other items) and are very much able to be accomplished at some point in my life. So even though we may have started our family a little sooner than expected, I am so excited to welcome our baby boy and couldn't be happier with the way our crazy lives are at this very moment. I am so blessed and am reminded of that each and every day.

First Class Private Suites
Someday, this will be my husband and me :)

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