29 Weeks :: Delivery Concerns

4:48:00 PM

We are now into week 29. Morgan and I have officially toured the hospital where baby Ellis will be born and have started our birthing classes. My husband is a big joker, so it is sometimes a little hard to stay serious during the breathing techniques, but other than that, class has been very informative and helpful in preparing us for what to expect when it comes time to deliver (as much as possible that is).

Being a first time mommy there are a lot of things that I am curious about when it comes to child birth. Everyone and their mother has been giving me "advice" since the day they found out I was pregnant, but I really am just wondering how the whole process is going to be for me personally. Every woman is different, every baby is different, and every delivery is different; so the main question on my mind is "how is this one going to be for me?"

I think if I could have it my way I would love to be able to deliver naturally, with no drugs and no epidural. But I haven't completely ruled medication out; if I am in excruciating pain, I am not going to torture myself in trying to deliver naturally if I don't feel I have the strength or will power to do so. Of course when I say that I almost feel selfish...women have been giving birth without drugs for thousands of years and this is what our bodies are made for..so I am truly torn in this decision and am looking forward to attending the rest of classes to find out more information about risks, benefits, and side effects of epidurals and other pain medications used during child birth so that my husband and I can come up with a reasonable birth plan for when it comes time to deliver baby Ellis.

How did you decide whether or not to use drugs during your birth? Did you have a birth plan or did you just go with the flow? Any advice for a first time mommy on getting ready for delivery?

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  1. I'm scared too! We have our birthing class part 1 this saturday!

    1. Have fun! Morgan and I just finished our birthing classes, so I feel much more prepared than before. You will definitely receive a ton of good information :)


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