Patience is a Virtue...

1:28:00 PM

...or so I've been told my entire life. But let me tell you, having patience when you are waiting for your baby to arrive might just be the hardest time in my life that I have ever had to be patient. We are now 2 days past Mr. Gabriel's due date and daddy and I are getting quite anxious. I have been to the doctor, who sent me in to the hospital for a non-stress test (given if you are past your due date), but everything looked normal and fine. I am about 3 cms dilated, which I have heard is really great for my first pregnancy, but I am just hoping that things will start progressing soon. I am so ready to meet my little man!!

So plans for today include going for a looooong walk...hopefully that will get things started so we can get this little baby out of my tummy :)

My husband and I posted up an eviction notice on Thursday...but no signs that he is taking it serious ;)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! I hope that next time I am writing to you I will have my new little bundle of joy in my arms :)

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