Scheduled Induction

4:51:00 PM

Well we have made it to 40 weeks and 5 days and baby Gabriel is still comfy and cozy in my tummy. I was in the hospital last Thursday (his due date) having contractions, but after monitoring me for over 2 hours and no change in my cervix, they decided to send me home...and I am still here. I am at least making a little progress, I was 2 cms dilated on Thursday and 3 as of Friday, so I am hoping by this Friday (his induction date) that I will be 4 or more and just have a nice quick delivery...I can dream can't I. I have tried almost anything and everything to try to bring on this labor, but nothing seems to make this kid want to budge. I guess he is going to live up to his Astrological sign of a Taurus and be "bull headed" ;)

I think this whole waiting game is definitely the hardest part of the pregnancy for me. I mean, you wait over 9 months to get to their due date and when it comes and goes it is, to say the least, a little disappointing. I am just so ready to meet my little man!!

So, if I do not go in to labor on my own within the next few days, I am scheduled to be induced Friday morning at 5:30AM. This is what I am holding on to now, that no matter what, my baby will be here by Friday. I have waited this long...what is 3 more days in the grand scheme of it all? All I am hoping is that he is not too big. Let's face it, the longer he stays in there, the bigger and bigger he is going to be...I just hope I can fit him out ;)

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