Showering Baby G

9:23:00 AM

It has been a few weeks now since my baby shower, but I just had to share some of the adorableness with you all. A huge thank you to my wonderful Aunt and cousins plus my best friend for putting this together. It was absolutely perfect and I have never felt so blessed and loved. Baby Gabriel is definitely blessed beyond words to have all of you lovely ladies in his life.

Shower Theme :: Under the Sea

The invitations!! So precious :)

Loved the cake made by Publix and the cupcakes made and decorated by my super talented cousin!!

Everyone took a shot at guessing Gabriel's birthday :)

The poopy (chocolate) diaper game ... so much fun!

Played a game called "Name that Stach" - created by my BFF (she's the best!)

So many gifts!! But oh so thankful for everything! Blessed beyond words :D

Me with my Aunt and cousins (the hostesses) and my mom and other Aunt

As you can see it was a wonderful afternoon and I definitely felt so loved by everyone who came out to shower me and baby Gabriel with their love. Cannot wait for these next 3 weeks to go by so I can meet my little man!

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  1. awwww beautiful color and decor for your shower...Love love your invites!!! Lucky baby!! <3


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