Finding a Spare Minute..

7:58:00 AM really hard to come by with a newborn. And when I do seem to find them, I am usually trying to get some house work done (laundry, dishes, etc) or taking a nap with the babes. We are still trying to figure out our routine around here, but things are definitely starting to get easier and easier every day.

My little man at 2 weeks!! So stylish :)

Of course Gabriel still has his fussy moments, but sleeping at night is getting much better. Gabriel has been sleeping at least 4-5 hours in a row each night, and the other night we got 7 and a half!!! It was the best night ever! I'm really trying to figure out the best way to repeat that night...and figure out a good nighttime schedule for him. It seems impossible to schedule a newborn, because everything just seems to be around his schedule at the moment.

Anybody out there have any suggestions on how to schedule your baby? I'm still learning and trying to figure everything out, so any advice is much appreciated.

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  1. Ugh since my baby is still under 7 pounds she eats like every 2-3 no sleep for me! I read sooo much about babywise and the controversy about I am actually doing a baby led schedule...basically I feed baby when she is hungry...I won't start a real schedule until she is 8-9 pounds...but since your baby is bigger you should start soon!


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