Gabriel's First Snow Adventure

10:58:00 AM

Well this may be the busiest vacation I have ever been on. Vacationing with a 10 month old is no walk in the park, but we have still been having a great time, just not as relaxing as vacations past. We took the day off from snowboarding Monday to spend some time with Gabe and take him out to play in the snow. All he wanted to do was eat it (surprise, surprise).

I just love this little munchkin!

Building his first snowman

Well off for some more mountain adventures!! Yesterday we got 5 inches of new snow so I am excited to hit the slopes this morning.

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  1. hahaha Silly...You are vacationing at the snow...and I am dreaming of vacationing away from the snow. :-) He is having too much fun! <3


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