Our Snow Adventures

3:53:00 PM

We are back from our vacation and even though it was great to be away, it is SO nice to be home and back to our normal routine. The last few days in Utah we had one sick baby and it was no fun. :( I don't know exactly what brought it on, if it was the drastic climate change, the elevation, or the fact that we tried putting him in day care one day. Either way, we were a little worried, but he ended up getting better the day we were leaving (which made travelling way easier).

On a brighter note, we all got some great skiing/snowboarding in throughout the week. I really can't wait for Gabriel to be a little older and to be able to go to ski or snowboard school, so we can spend some more time on the mountain. Vacations are not quite as relaxing as they used to be, but things are just more exciting now.

My sister (left), brother's fiance (middle), and me (right)


I could seriously live here, it is so gorgeous!!!

Me and my momma on the slopes

Sleepy head. This was right before he got sick :(

We spent the week going between Park City and The Cantons. It was my first time snowboarding at The Canyons, and it was awesome! I will definitely be back! We had such a great time, I am looking forward to our next family ski trip.

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