11 Months

8:30:00 PM

My little bunny turned 11 months old today and we are getting excited for Easter!!

Milestones we have reached this month:
  • Walking? He took his first step a couple days ago!! Woop woop! But he still would much rather walk with someone to hold on to or with his little push toy..kid just wants to run!
  • Words: He loves to say "da da". Other words: "bath time" and "bye bye" (I'm working so hard at "ma ma"). He can also sign "please"
  • Teeth: 6
  • Favorite foods: strawberries, broccoli and oatmeal
  • Other fun things: Gabriel loves to point at everything, and wants you to explain what everything is. He is such an inquisitive little boy! I hope that he never grows out of this.
I can't believe that in just one month we will be celebrating Gabriel's first birthday. It blows my mind how fast time goes by! It is definitely the best thing in the world to be a mommy to this little boy. Just watching my son grow and learn and develop every single day is such a joy. <3

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