French Bridal Shower Inspiration

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My brother is getting married in October and my mom and I have decided to throw his beautiful bride her bridal shower. I am thinking about a vintage French/Parisian theme. Here are some of my favorite bridal shower inspirations from Pinterest:

1. Mimosa Bar



First off, you can't have a party in my family without serving some tasty drinks, and what is more French than champagne?? This mimosa bar is such a cute idea for any afternoon party.

2. Invitation Display

I love the idea of displaying the wedding invitation in a pretty frame

3. Perfume Mixology Station

Now this might not be in our budget, but this is such an awesome idea for a bridal shower favor. Let your guests mix up their own perfume scents! I am definitely going to be looking into this.

4. "Frenchy" Food

{link}                                                                     {link}
Tying your food items in with the theme really helps to complete the theme and your guests will love it. And who doesn't love them some french toast and macaroons??!

I can't wait to start planning this shower and show off the details after! If you want to see some more of my bridal shower inspiration pins, check out my Bridal Shower Board on Pinterest.

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