Back to School

10:25:00 AM

This morning officially started the new school year and Gabriel (my oldest) who is now in pre-school (3s) started his first day. We had a few tears this morning in anticipation of a new class, new friends and I think he was just a little anxious about the change. Thankfully, daddy was silly enough to bring his big smile back and there was not a frown in sight as he walked into his new classroom, found his desk and began this next chapter.

3 going on 13 I swear...

On Gabe : Shirt (Hurley from TJMaxx) Jeans (Levi's from TJMaxx) Shoes (Target - past season)

I am always amazed at how brave and strong Gabe is. No matter what he faces, even if he is scared or nervous, he some how finds a way to bring joy to the situation. This quality is one of my absolute favorites of his. Sometimes we are a little too silly (and stubborn) but I know that it is these characteristics that will bring him so much success in his future.

How do your kids do with going back to school? Did you have smooth transitions into new classes? Am I the only one who thinks that once school starts, time just goes by way too fast? Also, am I the only one who has to bribe my kid with M&Ms to dress nice for the first day of school?  (hahahaha, maybe that is really why he is smiling so big...)

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