Ellis Road Trip :: Florida to Georgia

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Okay, so Florida to Georgia doesn't sound that far, right? Well, try 9 hours in a car with a three year old and a 10 month old...it's a LOT further than it sounds.

This past week, Morgan and I and the kids made our way up to visit his dad and step mom in Kennesaw, GA (right outside of Atlanta) to get out of dodge before the craziness of school starts. We experienced a lot of firsts on this trip and made a ton of memories along the way!

Our first day we decided to try a small hiking trail, just to see how Gabe would do. With no surprise to me, he did great! That kid has energy for days. If I could some how bottle up his energy and drink that in the morning instead of coffee, I would be much more productive throughout the day.

The following day, we set out for a bit more strenuous hike ending at the Amicalola Falls, the tallest cascading waterfall in Georgia. The boys did great and we had so much fun. There is something so peaceful about being in the mountains; away from all the noise of everyday life. With no cell service, it was nice to be disconnected for a little while. I think sometimes I can be a little too attached to my phone (even if it is just for taking pictures), so I opted to leave it in the bag and not bring it out once our whole time on the mountain. I did, however, have another camera (because I am obsessed with taking pictures of my family).

Next up on our little getaway, we headed up to Blue Ridge, GA, where we took an historic train (Blue Ridge Scenic Railway) across state lines, into a quaint little town in Tennessee. The scenery was beautiful and Gabe was totally in his element on a "real" train. I love getting to see the world through his eyes, there is so much wonder and excitement, that us grown ups have lost somewhere along the way. It is something I am trying my hardest daily to get back. Appreciation and excitement for the little things.

Overall, I would say this was one of my favorite vacations as a family so far. It is getting more and more fun as we get to do more things with the boys. I look forward to many more adventures together!

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