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I have never really been a reader. I have tried, but I am that person that picks up a book and no matter how good it is, it puts me right to sleep a few pages in. Needless to say, English class was never my strong suit.

Yet, as I have gotten older, I have found myself loving devotional and inspirational books. They are what I can relate to, and if they take me a million years to finish, that is okay. This Summer I tried to immerse myself in a few different books to keep me in God's Word as the bible study I am a part of takes a break over the Summer.

Now that I have (somewhat) gotten a hang of this mom of 2 thing, I was able to actually read a couple of the books on my summer reading list:

I love Joyce Meyer, she is an inspiration and such an incredible roll model as a woman of God. Reading her devotional book, 'The Confident Woman' was an easy way to get in a little Me + God time each morning.

I also loved 'Because Crack is Illegal' (not pictured above). A hilarious mother to mother 30 day devotional book, which will have you giggling. Loved this book, because it was entertaining as well as pertinent to my life, and more importantly spiritually fulfilling.

Last book that I have just recently started (no where near completed) is 'I Love You to God and Back'. A super sweet book written by a mother about her and her daughter's bed time prayers. Just really getting into this, but I am enjoying it so far.

Do you do any Summer reading? Or just read any good books throughout the year? Suggestions for next Summer are welcome!

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